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Jerry getting caught making out during Schindler’s List Kramer with the Merv Griffin set George, trying to get the frogger game across the street Elaine wearing the Orioles hat to Yankee stadium Peterman especially the Suzie episode Jerry racing Duncan for Lois’ sake Sorry some of you didn’t like it, but I agree with TV Guide — the best sitcom ever. I mean it was pretty consistently funny when nothing else was on, but just not enough for me to care for it. Am I the only one here? I’m gonna have to go ahead and disagree with ya there.

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George enjoys the single life. Elaine takes over the catalog when J. Peterman suddenly goes missing. Kramer is taking karate lessons. George thinks the Board of Directors are talking behind his back.

George and Jerry are discussing the weird shapes of fruits when Jerry pulls out his phone and notices a video of Bania’s routine has a higher viewership than any of his videos, and he then finds out that Bania has more followers than he does.

Episode 1 – The Foundation Release Date: Kramer becomes a karate master, where his opponents are equals in his skill level, but are lacking in size. Jerry runs into Dolores, you remember “her name rhymed with a female body part” in “The Junior Mint,” she suggests that they get together again. Peterman has a breakdown and goes to Burma leaving Elaine in charge; a position she is reluctant to assume.

Kramer makes a speech that inspires Elaine to go and take charge of J. Inspired by a comment that Jerry made, a foundation is established in Susan’s name, which will take up all of George’s free time. Jerry and Dolores do get together; however, when she hears why Jerry’s engagement was broken off, she leaves commenting that he still hasn’t matured. Elaine sees Kramer’s opponents, vents her frustration and takes him down in front of the class.

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Why didn’t Newman get the transfer to Hawaii? Brian Damage He slept with the superintendant’s wife. Why did Joe Davola want to kill Jerry? Why did Jerry have to have Kramer pick him up from a party? Brian Damage He was drugged by Bania.

Bania’s been with many chicks, good looking ones too. A regular dating fool. We know he’s dated Jenna, Uma Thurman, and Cynthia the Mentor. His comedy revolves around bits about powdered chocolate milk, because anything that dissolves in milk is funny. Bania’s humor is simple, it doesn’t require one to think.

Jerry ends up mentoring Bania and helps him write the famous Ovaltine joke. Kenny Bania appears in: Later, while at the coffee shop, Bania joins George and Jerry in a booth and orders a soup and sandwich. Cynthia dumps Bania because of his poor act, and he turns to Jerry for advice, and Jerry agrees to be his mentor. Jerry helps him with his material and comes up with gold.

The mug is round. They should call it round tine. Went from a size 40 to a Jerry, You know what just hit me? I was thinking — What size suit are you? Do you want it? Why should it just sit in the closet?

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From left to right: Following years of speculation about when and where the historic sitcom would arrive online, today it finally became available to stream on Hulu. In the interest of both helping novices prioritize and reminding veterans about forgotten jewels, we’ve ranked every episode in the series from worst to best.

But when Bania decides that he doesn’t want anything except for dinner, Jerry has a hard time accepting the suit knowing that there is a far greater catch involved. Things get even worse when, during the dinner, Bania insists that soup doesn’t count as a meal.

Jerry, who has broken off his engagement to Jeanie, does research into what sort of break-up story makes a man most appealing to women. Elaine becomes president of J Peterman when a burnt out Peterman flees to Burma. The Soul Mate George thinks the foundation lawyer thinks he might have killed Susan, Jerry suggests using a method employed by Jerry Lewis to find out. Kramer falls for Jerry’s girlfriend and he consults Newman for advice.

Elaine’s friends insist that she have a baby, she’d rather not and meets a man who shares her ideals. The Bizarro Jerry Kramer uses a bathroom in an office building and just begins working there.

Which is the Seinfeld episode where Jerry keeps saying “well I heard something”?

Seinfeld fan you will absolutely love the DVD’s. The scenes that are cut to insert commercials by syndicators are restored on the high quality DVD versions. I grew up in the United States and had always liked the series from television. She had never seen Seinfeld before and had never been exposed to this style of humor or the slice of American life that the series presents.

We have watched the DVD’s over and over again and they never fail to make us laugh and lift our spirits when we’ve had a bad day. We utilize the closed captioning option and it has been a great help for my wife in acquiring an understanding of casual English usage including slang, and idiom.

BTW, I think you left out a key word in your discussion of “The Fatigues”. Jerry’s girlfriend’s mentor was DATING Kenny Bania. Bania wasn’t himself her mentor. Thinking about this just now, I’d probably call “The Nap” and “The Yada Yada” as my favorites from this season.

The goal is to rewatch the entire series chronologically to see what truly worked, what still holds up today, what feels just a bit dated and yada, yada, yada it will be a great time. So settle into your couch with the cushions flipped over, grab a Snapple and enjoy the ride! Frank literally hits 1. What a national treasure. Shout out to the K-Men too as both were quite funny throughout. The man was in a relationship that cooled off so he changed he clung to fatigues like a child to an absent parent.

Eddie Sherman certainly deserves better than writing that pointless drivel. Her character goes on quite the journey here, from being totally intimidated by a guy in an Army surplus outfit, to making him her most trusted confidant. Like fine wine, he is loud and ridiculous. Like the perfect meal, he is hideous and boisterous. Like great sex, he is obnoxious and ridiculous. I am not good with similes.

Kramer taking charge of the Jewish singles night was a ton of fun with him botching the cooking being my favorite part.

‘Seinfeld’ – A History

You need to be logged in to continue. Click here to login or here to sign up. Elaine is on a blind date, now called a “set-up.

Jerry (Jerry Seinfeld) is impressed by the fact that his current girlfriend has a mentor — but less than impressed when he discovers that the mentor is none other than his comedy bête noire.

Seinfeld spoke on the latest “Norm MacDonald Live,” an online show that never shies away from awkward conversations. MacDonald’s deadpan, often-ironic delivery can make it impossible to tell when he’s kidding. Cosby came up as Seinfeld and MacDonald talked about the comedians who influenced them, and led to a discussion of whether you can separate a person’s art and personal conduct. It included a fair amount of nervous laughter from those in the studio. I thought he was the greatest comedian ever,” MacDonald told Seinfeld.

Because I’ll tell people the story. And then I’ll constantly be interrupted by, ‘And then did he rape you? It had nothing to do with the story. He will be retried in an assault case in November, after his first trial ended with a hung jury. Cosby has denied all of the accusations. Does it taint it at all? But you hear, ‘Hey: Beethoven raped his own daughter.


It’s like putting your whole face in the dip! In the beginning, the show was made popular in large part by Jerry Seinfeld’s stand-up comedy at the beginning of the show. The comedy served as a topic sentence for the story. Its format and uniformly hilarious wit was a crucial factor in TV Guide’s choice of rating it the best TV show of all time.

From the classic ‘Bubble Boy’ episode to the finale, Seinfeld demonstrated a wit unmatched by any other. It doesn’t matter that the exterior design of Jerry’s apartment is physically impossible – the kitchen juts out into what would be the hallway – and all of the nitpicks of critics are overwhelmingly small compared to the enormous critical praise.

The Fatigues (S8E6) Jerry’s new girlfriend’s mentor is dating Bania. Kramer volunteers to host a Jewish singles mixer. George tries to study up on risk management. Elaine promotes a man she is afraid to fire.

It’s heavily marketing its IPO on television, and implying investors could make millions. Behind him, there’s a false backdrop of trading screens and skyscrapers. The ad isn’t for its ride-hailing app. It’s for an initial public offering. The man looks familiar, but his pitch is unusual. You could make millions, like the early investors in Uber, he suggests.

Before all the shares are gone. Can you actually do this? Is that the guy who played J. The answer to both is yes. The actor’s name is John O’Hurley.

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Jerry meets his girlfriend’s mentor, but she is dating Kenny Bania. George discovers the blind can get any book on tape, so he plans to fail an eye test. Elaine’s recently promoted employee has some startling new .

Plot[ edit ] Jerry is dating a girl, Abby A. Langer , and is intrigued by the concept of his girlfriend having a mentor. Jerry meets Cynthia, his girlfriend’s mentor, but finds out she is dating Kenny Bania. After they see Bania’s act, Jerry’s girlfriend loses respect for her mentor and eventually fires her. When George discovers the blind can get any book on tape, he intentionally fails an eye test so he can get his book on tape.

George encounters a problem when the person’s voice on the tape sounds like his voice, much to his displeasure. Elaine prepares to fire Eddie Sherman Ned Bellamy , an employee who constantly delays important stuff, but when she meets face to face with him, is scared of him due to his gruff voice and wearing military fatigues , so she promotes him instead. When he does a terrible job, Elaine promotes him again just to get rid of him.

This plan backfires when the other employees quit because he was promoted over them, causing Elaine to work on the project alone with Sherman. Kramer runs a Jewish singles night at Frank’s Knights of Columbus hall. When he realizes he can’t cook Jewish food , he asks for Frank’s help. Frank refuses, because he hasn’t cooked since the Korean War , where he sickened his fellow troops by using bad meat and has become traumatized because of it Frank’s memory is dramatized with a reenactment in which the onset of food poisoning is set to Barber’s ” Adagio for Strings “, as in the film Platoon.

When Cynthia dumps Bania because of his poor act, he turns to Jerry for advice, and Jerry agrees to be his mentor.

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George prepares to give a lecture on risk management by reading a book, but realizes that books on tape have spoiled him. Elaine prepares to fire an employee, but when face to face with him, she promotes him. Kramer runs a Jewish singles night at Frank’s Knights of Columbus hall.

Jerry meets his girlfriends mentor, but she is dating Kenny Bania. George discovers the blind can get any book on tape, so he plans to fail an eye test. Elaines recently .

Good News, Bad News Episode: Jul 5, Jerry is excited that a woman he met on the road is coming to visit him in New York. However, he has a tough time discerning whether her intentions are romantic or platonic. May 31, When Jerry goes to a birthday party with Elaine, he meets a woman he’d like to ask out, but doesn’t get the chance to. When she leaves before he gets a chance to find out her name, he and George stakeout her office building.

Jun 7, When Jerry’s apartment gets robbed, he decides to move out. George shows him a great apartment, which he plans to take… that is, until George expresses his own desire for the apartment. Jun 14, Jerry ponders a few courses of action when he sees that he no longer has anything in common with a clingy and obnoxious childhood friend.

George has trouble with his latest relationship. Kramer has the idea to open a chain of pizza parlors where you make your own pizza pie.

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