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Austin & Ally

He played a bad guy in it. I think Austin has a tiny little crush on Trish. You should check it out. I have always wanted to be an actor and singer. Can you give me some advice?

‘Austin & Ally’s’ Laura Marano Talks About Her Prom Day Gone Wrong Now, here’s what the Disney Channel’s Austin & Ally star Laura Marano wouldn’t spend money on — “bad hair.”.

Ally tried to comfort Austin by telling him that h8ter girl’s website wasn’t very popular. Ally was willing to face her fear to save Austin’s career. Austin tried helping Ally with facing her fear. Ally thought it was sweet that Austin cared about her stage fright and told him he would be the first person she would talk to her stage fright about when she was ready too. Before Ally went up to perform, Austin tried to get her to relax by telling her she was going to do great. Ally let Austin have her dolphin stuffed dolphin, Dougie.

Austin sang The Butterfly Song in the place of Ally. Ally smiled the entire time Austin performed. After Ally does her red carpet walk, she looks at Austin, and when he tells her she should walk in from the side entrance, she playfully hits him on the chest and rolls her eyes. Ally told Austin that if they were going to the awards show together, they should probably match her purse to his tie.

Austin looked shocked and happy when Ally hugged him for the first time.

Austin Moon

We can do this. I mean, sure, Austin’s gone, but we still have each other, right? After that, Ally forgives him and they become partners. Ally is best friends with Trish, Austin, and also Dez. Her parents are Lester and Penny, who are divorced.

Austin Moon is the protagonist of Austin& Ally. He is a year-old aspiring singer who became an overnight teen internet singing sensation when he uploaded a video of himself singing Double Take, written by Ally, and shot by Dez.

This show is extremly pathetic! Anyways lets get started with these shitty characters. And they layer that fact with their shitty ass autotune and I just cant stand it. Austin Coon- Nasty fuckboy who got famous over the internet Icarly much and continued to think he is the most famous singer ever like all these fucking tv shows make it appear. Also hes a whiner and needs jesus and thinks his fucking moves are awesome but it isnt bitch no no.

Hes so utterly stupid it almost makes it look like i can see right through his acting. I would never be friends with him because he ruins fucking everything by running his dumb ass mouth or he does stupid ass things and its so efwijgignhwiwrniwrnrirn. And obviously hes gay or something and they just make him date carrie for a cover up, they make fucking every character date at least 1 person so annoying.

Trish is a bish- Shes a character in the 4 that gets me least mad but sometimes she can be so selfish,annoying and lazy. Also how the fuck do you book things so easily WTF, but she messes it up anyways so who cares. And in the earlier episodes she gets like 30 jobs like every episode and gets fired from there LMFAOO these shows are so damn predictable and so cliched.

Carrie- As dumb as dez, the producers needed a perfect match cuz remember they cant fucking have a show without dating in it. Why would she date that transgender looking ass anyways.

Vanessa Marano’s boyfriend

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List of Austin & Ally episodes Austin & Ally is an American comedy television series created by Kevin Kopelow and Heath Seifert that aired on Disney Channel from December 2, to January 10,

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actually to get things straight he never dated laura that was an act in Austin and ally on Disney and he is dating maia mitchell posted over a year ago marshunapippin2 said.

While they are doing that, Dallas complains to Ally about how much working at the Cell Phone Accessory Cart, and Ally tells him, “You think your job is hard? You should try working here,” being sarcastic. He takes it the wrong way, quits his job, and goes back to Sonic Boom telling Ally he is ready to work. He doesn’t do a very good job. He is constantly breaking guitar picks, and dropping boxes with instruments in them.

Her dad tells Ally he can’t afford another employee, and that she needs to fire him. She doesn’t know how, so Trish says she will do it. When Dallas gets fired, he tells her no hard feelings because his mom hired him at the library he pronounces it libary, which makes Ally flinch at the sound of somebody saying it like that. At the end of the episode, Austin tells Dez that he will let him win, stopping the basketball.

Dez being stupid , tells Austin that he wants Austin to win, and he drops his basketball too. Austin points out that he already lost, and the judges are disappointed. Proving that to Trish , he brings his mothers good China, and breaks all of them trying to spin them.

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It’s an emotional reunion in Miami for Ally’s concert. Episode 2 Austin takes a job at Moon’s Mattress Kingdom. Episode 3 Grand Openings and Great Expectations The gang teaches total novices how to play in a band. Episode 4 Austin learns that he’s a credit short at school. Episode 5 Ally tries to unlock a student’s hidden music talent.

From Austin and Ally’s unbreakable friendship to their 1st kiss, season 2 has all of us Auslly shippers squealing in excitement! In this book, I will list the Auslly moments from each episode in season 2, and I will post the link to the full episode -At the beginning of the episode, when Austin.

The heartthrob, who stands at the height of 6 feet 1. Not only did Fosters, bring him to public consciousness, he also was flooded with offers from the Hollywood. Being a prominent actor, Noah is also not far from such rumors as he gets labeled a gay time and again. The rumors were at a peak when his picture kissing a male friend went viral on the social media.

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Jimmy tells Austin he has to quit the basketball team because he could get hurt and that could ruin his career. Austin, upset about not being a regular teenager decides to rebel and stays on the basketball team. While making the winning shot of the game, Austin falls backwards and hurts his knee.

NO! just friends.

She didn’t say anything. Destiny turned to me. You hanged out with me last year and I have been just going along with it wondering if I could trust you. Then you ending up being one of best friends. You arw truely, a best friend to me. Even when you hated me. She just nodded her head like she agreed or something.


He was blindsided by his closest ally in the game — Vanessa Rousso. He walked out of the house, barefooted yelling to Vanessa that she would never win the game. He was blindsided by the eviction. He felt like he had won the game and played a much better- and cleaner game than Vanessa. It could be argued that Liz protected him most of the game. Early in the game, Austin told Jace that he cannot comment if Liz was attractive.

Austin & Ally (TV Series –) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

Introduction Sofia Carson is an American actress and singer. Carson was born on 10th April and she is now 24 years old. The young woman who was born in Florida has started her career acting in , where she became a guest star who played Chelsea in a series on the Disney Channel. From here Sofia Carson began floating her wings in the acting world that now makes her name known to the public. Boyfriend Sofia Carson is currently rumored to be single after her last relationship with Manolo Vergara, which ended in After a year apart from her ex-boyfriend, it seems that Sofia Carson has not wanted to find a man to fill her heart again.

Sofia Carson is a young actress who is talented in acting. She decided to be a single until now so she could focus on her work both in singing and acting. They started dating on 15th December and decided to split up the same year.

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